About Us

Providing for your quilting, sewing, and fabric needs, The Quilt Top Shop is proud to provide for our local customers, as well as reaching out nationally through our online stores. The inspiration for our company began when a grandmother decided to teach her granddaughter how to sew and quilt, so that someone could carry on the tradition when it became too hard to hold the needle steady. Since that time many decades ago, we have created a business out of a family tradition that dates back more than four generations. What started out as a small side project in the basement, has turned into a name recognized and loved by many. Since 2005, when we originally named the business, the growth has been exponential; having started in the small, rural town of Ramsey, IL, we now have a vast online presence and a large store in Litchfield, IL. Our staff has years of experience, and are able to help customers from beginners to highly skilled with whatever their project may be. Stop by today, or look through our online stores to see the great selection we have of fabric, backings, pre-cuts, and much more!

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